"A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it."

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And lately, I’ve become so inspired by 50s fashion. I just loved how simple yet retro all the designs were.

And lately, I’ve become so inspired by 50s fashion. I just loved how simple yet retro all the designs were.

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Le process..colored pencil to lay out basic sketch…
Inked with copic multiliner. .
Colored with prismacolor and copic markers..
Use RENDR drawing pad..literally made for markers…non bleed.
Hope that helped a bit!

woaahh i’ve been tryna get someone to draw a picture like this of me for brickkkkksss

This guy is amazing! Nice!

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Where art thou, fashion?

I went out last night and caught up on my favorite past time, people watching. I love getting inspired by my environment for different outfits and possible designs. But Last night EVERYONE looked the same, so boring! Crops tops and skirts for EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Miami’s club scene was anything but inspiring. When I put on clothes, I like to have fun. Is it all about being sexy? I feel like women don’t even dress for fashion anymore. They dress for sex and competition. Compliments have been exchanged for cheap grins and snide remarks.

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Ode to independence

The day you exude independence is the same day people will treat you as if you can never ask for help again, why? Independence does not equate to the secret gates of all knowledge and resources. Just another reason why I have adapted my “let it be” attitude. If it can’t be attained through my own forthright, I will just “let it be”. The universe will help me.

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Hannah Montana

At times I feel like I’m living a double life and no one understands the frustration of a hindered creative soul. I’m so close.. I guess I’ll do what I have to do for now.

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I watch on my high horse

Insecurity can destroy your soul and push away those closest to you. It serves as an invisible barrier that keeps depression in and positivity out. We are all flawed, this is life. Why critique yourself before others have the opportunity to adore your beauty? No circumstance goes without tribulations, tribulations are what makes us human. To assume that someone will judge you, is to continue to feed and fuel all of the negativity in the world. When thinking of others, imagine only positive things. Happy things. Even if the feelings never reciprocate.. Just remember to never visit the high horse.

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Dear Father Time

It’s funny how time can pass can us by in an uneventful second. You spend your whole life looking forward to accomplishing your goals, turning different ages, and planning vacations.. Before you know it, you would’ve gotten everything thing you wanted and that everlasting joy you thought you would feel forever.. came and went so fast that you can’t even begin to process everything that happened. Each day is beautiful, even if you sit around and do nothing..Today is one of those days I have to remind myself of how precious time is. As I sit here, temporarily uninspired by the day… I ask myself, what makes today special? Is it the fact that I have all the metaphorical time in the world or is it the fact that no matter how fast or how slow things may seem I’ll always remember to enjoy the beauty of the moment. Yah, I think I’ll always remember the beauty of it all…

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